Juan Elias-Riesco is a father, husband, restaurant owner, graphic designer, and brand founder. In 2012, Riesco took over management duties of his family’s restaurant, Nini’s Deli, and transformed the small, neighborhood corner store into what was, for a period of time, the highest rated restaurant on Yelp in Chicago. With a commitment to compassionate service and his infectious charisma, Riesco has cemented Nini’s as a mainstay in the Chicago food scene, earning features on the Travel Channel, Good Morning America, and Chicago’s Best.

Riesco is a lifelong Chicagoan, with his family living and working in the Noble Square neighborhood of Chicago for more than twenty years. This aspect of Riesco’s identity is the central motivating facet of his brand Chicago Native, which has been worn by the likes of Chance the Rapper and Derrick Rose, and earned Riesco recognition as one of Adweek’s 20 Rising Brand Stars. Riesco’s natural creative eye has guided the brand he founded, with him acting as the sole designer of the apparel that seeks to promote the values of Chicago’s place in our culture at large, the hardworking and humble nature of the people who make Chicago the unique city that it is.